Top 10 Best PEO Companies in California (2022)

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California is so much more than entertainment, technology and sunny skies. By itself it is one of the largest economies in the world, and there are more businesses than one can count trying to succeed and grow in the state. And we understand that it can be difficult and competitive running one there, and you’ll need to adapt and focus to succeed.


There Are 957 PEO Companies In The USA. Find Out Which Is The Best Match For Your Needs.

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PEOs can aid California businesses in many and different ways, and there are key features to consider before selecting one. A qualified PEO can handle regular HR tasks that include onboarding to termination of employees in your company

Some of the services to expect from a PEO include benefits administration, tax and payroll processing, compliance and workers comp management, risk mitigation, and many more. You will want to get a good PEO that offers HR solutions to your business, while still abiding by the stringent regulations in California.


PEOs have many facets, and each varies with the kind of HR solutions they offer to different companies. To make sure we get you the right choice, here are the services we considered when reviewing each PEO in California.

  • Tax and payroll processing.
  • HR management and consulting support
  • HR regulation compliance assistance or management
  • Workers compensation insurance
  • Health insurance options and support
  • Safety compliance and risk management
  • Time, attendance, and productivity tracking tools
  • Recruiting and onboarding support
  • Customer service and feedback
  • Additional specializations

California has many PEOs, and that’s why you need to know the key elements to have in mind during the final selection.



  • Less Paperwork – You probably work with enough paperwork every day, but you can still reduce that load by using a PEO.
  • Saving on The Insurance Cost –PEOs come with high bargaining power, which allows them to negotiate better rates with benefits providers. This ensures that you meet your employees’ demands with lower health insurance costs.
  • Handling Compliance and Legal issues – A PEO can help you navigate through California regulations and abide by them when managing compliance and legal issues for your employees.


What is a PEO? – A PEO or Professional Employer Organization is an entity or a company that you can outsource your HR tasks, such as personal and employee management. They also handle tax and payroll processing, onboarding of new employees, training, employee wellness programs, insurance, tax forms and payments, and many other administrative tasks.

What are the Advantages of Using a PEO? – Your business can enjoy reduced HR costs with time-saving tools and services at its disposal by using a PEO. They can also handle compliance issues and provide better benefits to your employees.

What Should I Consider When Choosing a PEO in California? – You should choose a PEO that addresses all your needs in different industries. You’ll want one that understands how to go about California regulations when handling compliance and legal issues raised by your employees.

What is the Total Cost of Using a PEO in California? – A total cost resonates between $1000-$2000 to use a PEO in California.

How Long Does It Take a PEO to Get Started? – Most PEOs can take roughly three to six weeks to start, while, on average, it takes about four weeks.

What are the Charges for a PEO? – PEOs charge a percentage of the overall payroll or a simple admin fee (preferred choice) per employee.

Is There Any Cost to Switch to a PEO? – A business owner can pay a fee that ranges from $1000 to $15000 to switch to a PEO.

As the Founder, Can I Pay Myself Using a PEO? – Yes, but with a few exceptions based on your business size.

As the Founder, Is It Possible to Get Health Insurance for Myself and My Family? –  You can find some PEOs providing this option, while others don’t.

Which is the Top-Rated PEO in California? – California is a growing economy with lots of options for different PEO companies in the state. Check out our state-based PEO here.


There Are 957 PEO Companies In The USA. Find Out Which Is The Best Match For Your Needs.

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  • (Your zip ensures quotes are as accurate as possible for your area. We only serve U.S. businesses at this time.)


There are plenty of additional options for finding a PEO company in California, but we strongly recommend checking over the above five options first, as we’re confident you’ll find one that will be perfect for your growing business. Take note of your HR and payroll needs, and take notes and ask questions for your top options. In no time at all you’ll find yourself with more time on your hands to make your business the best it can be.