Top 10 Best PEO Companies in California (2019 Reviews)

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California is so much more than entertainment, technology and sunny skies. By itself it is one of the largest economies in the world, and there are more businesses than one can count trying to succeed and grow in the state. And we understand that it can be difficult and competitive running one there, and you’ll need to adapt and focus to succeed.

We also understand that it can take a lot of time to handle payroll, manage HR tasks, and keep up to date with labor laws and regulations. For this reason, we recommend the use of a professional employer organization (PEO). It will handle all of the HR tasks so you don’t have to, and you’ll remain full control of your business. There are even other perks, benefits, and tools they provide.

Yet now that we’ve gone over the basics, which PEO service provider should you use for your business? Each one is different, so we ask you to look over these top choices in California to find the right fit.

1) Oasis

The largest privately held PEO service with $9 billion in payroll under its management,  Oasis works with roughly 8000 businesses to provide expert payroll outsourcing services. Formed in 1996, they work with all types of companies, pledge to provide great customer service to all, and have courted excellent benefits providers in order to ensure that your employees have excellent options for the future.

We would also like to note that they are flexible with their plans and pricing structure, complete with money-back guarantees, no employee minimums, and customizable plans. And to punctuate their excellence, Oasis has an excellent client support staff.

Oasis might be best for your business if:

  • You are looking for the absolute best payroll management processes and want to be assured that there will be absolutely no hiccups in that department.
  • You are in a heavily regulated industry, due to their excellent industry-specific compliance support.
  • You are a small or startup business looking to grow, and need a PEO that’s willing to adapt to changes in your business.

2) CoAdvantage

With more than 4500 clients, CoAdvantage has made their presence known in California and is growing, to the degree that they often offer new services and options for businesses. They are able to provide all the standard services, if not ones for specialized industries, and manage to keep things affordable for you.

We find CoAdvantage especially noteworthy for their ability to help you build your team, and if you need help with recruitment, they’re likely the PEO to pick. This combined with their excellent information gathering tools means that CoAdvantage is for business owners who have a hands-on managerial approach.

CoAdvantage might be best for your business if:

  • You are looking for excellent productivity and time tracking tools to make sure you are getting the most out of your staff.
  • You don’t need specialized benefits or benefit options that are the best in the business, and instead want to focus on other reasons for using a PEO.
  • You are interested in working with a PEO company that is rapidly growing and may offer additional services or packages in the near future.

3) Engage PEO

With more than 20 years in the business, Engage PEO has become one of the best in the business, with plenty of hard-to-get accreditations, an extremely knowledgeable staff, and excellent onsite training options. If you want to work with top professionals, Engage PEO employs them and they will help you get your business moving.

Engage PEO is a bit different in that we think it’s a better fit for larger and more established businesses as opposed to startups, as they have a ten employee minimum and many of their best options and strengths are best utilized by larger organizations.

Engage PEO might be best for your business if:

  • You want expert help when it comes to navigating often complex California industry regulations.
  • You want to work with an extremely reliable, accredited organization.
  • You already had or have PEO services, but are looking to upgrade to something a little more robust.

4) Alphastaff

If you want a more customized plan and know exactly what you want out of your PEO service provider, Alphastaff should be one of your first choices. They have a range of different options for you to choose from, so you don’t ever feel like you’re wasting money on services you never use.

It’s a great company for general businesses, although if you’re in a specialized industry, you might find your needs best met elsewhere. Healthcare industry organizations should still look into Alphastaff, however, as they have excellent services and experience regarding that sector.

Alphastaff might be best for your business if:

  • You like the idea of a PEO that is willing to think outside of the box at times to come up with novel solutions.
  • Your business is in the health care market, as they are excellent at providing support for related organizations.
  • You want to be able to craft a focused and in-depth service plan for your business.

5) TriNet

Representing hundreds of thousands of employees employed by thousands of businesses, TriNet knows how to use its size to its clients’ advantage, and to that end negotiates cheaper and high-quality health (and other) benefits for employees. They are a more premium option for companies who want some of the best services out there.

It might be somewhat more well suited to larger businesses, but if you have remote employees or have trepidations about working with a PEO in the first place, TriNet is the safe choice you can rely on.

TriNet might be best for your business if:

  • You are looking for excellent online options from your PEO and want to be able to work more seamlessly with your remote workforce.
  • You want to make sure your business can provide very competitive benefits for its employees.
  • You are uncertain about making a long-term commitment to working with a PEO and would like an easier option to get out.


There are plenty of additional options for finding a PEO company in California, but we strongly recommend checking over the above five options first, as we’re confident you’ll find one that will be perfect for your growing business. Take note of your HR and payroll needs, and take notes and ask questions for your top options. In no time at all you’ll find yourself with more time on your hands to make your business the best it can be.