Top 10 Best PEO Companies in New Jersey (2019 Reviews)

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Whatever your business is doing in New Jersey, it deserves to have a leg up on the competition near and far, and that means taking time to determine what you might be able to do. New Jersey is a great place to have a business considering its location, on average affluent population, and tourism and natural resources, but you still won’t have time to take it easy.

And one of the greatest drains on your time as a business owner is managing employees, and while you should always handle feedback and direction, there are things such as payroll, HR tasks, and compliance-related tasks that you should mostly delegate to professionals. For such purposes, a professional employer organization (PEO) is perfect, as they handle all of the above and more, including providing benefits and often helping with tasks such as recruitment.

You’re going to need to take some time to review your options. Fortunately, we’ve assembled some of the best options for New Jersey businesses right here:

1) Oasis

Oasis, a PEO service provider that has $9 billion in assets under management and has over 20 years of experience, is an excellent choice for those New Jersey businesses who not only want an all-around great service provider but a company that knows how to treat businesses well. They’ve also negotiated excellent benefit options with providers in order to make sure your employees are taken care of.

And to make things easier for owners and managers, they are flexible with their plans, don’t have an employee minimum, and have a money-back guarantee if you aren’t happy with the arrangement. There’s little to lose and much to gain working with Oasis.

Oasis might be best for your business if:

  • You want the absolute best in payroll processing and closely related tasks.
  • Your business works in a heavily regulated sector or your otherwise concerned about compliance-related issues.
  • You would like to work with a PEO that provides clients with the best in customer service and general service quality.

2) CoAdvantage

CoAdvantage has over 4500 clients and serves them well with not only the usual services (which we have no complaints about) but also some of the best tracking and recruitment tools one can find, which makes CoAdvantage the top choice for hands-on owners and managers who are going to need to make frequent personnel decisions.

Furthermore, they are flexible and affordable working with most businesses, and a great choice if you’re looking for your first PEO or an option that can provide the basics plus just a bit extra. They are even still growing when it comes to their service offerings, so the future could see them being an even better choice.

CoAdvantage might be best for your business if:

  • You are fine with or even excited by the prospect with the idea of working with a growing company that will bring in new tools and services.
  • You need to build or maintain your team carefully or rapidly, and would like support with this endeavor.
  • You would like some of the best information tools and services in the industry.

3) Engage PEO

Bearing the standard of high quality for most PEOs, Engage PEO hires the best in the industry and holds them to the highest standards, ensuring that your business will get the services and support it deserves. With more than 20 years of experience, you will be hard-pressed to find better compliance support, payroll processing and tax acumen, or a PEO with more certifications and accreditations under its belt.

Engage PEO isn’t terribly exclusive, but it isn’t as easy to start working with as the other listings here, so keep this in mind if your business is still small or a startup. Other than this, we have few warnings to give against contacting or working with them.

Engage PEO might be best for your business if:

  • You want compliance support for your business that won’t miss the mark, no matter what industry or sector your business operates in.
  • You want top services and would like to work with some of the best professionals, and your business isn’t bothered by the costs and requirements.
  • Your business could use excellent safety training and general training programs, including on-site training.

4) Alphastaff

Something a bit different than the PEO companies you see elsewhere, Alphastaff has been making themselves known as a company focused on creative solutions and new ideas, and it’s always ready to incorporate different methods and technologies if they think they will help their clients. Furthermore, they’re very flexible with their service plans, so you can get the services you need and nothing else.

It might not be the biggest or the most comprehensive for certain industries, but we include it here because we also know it’ll be the perfect fit for businesses that need something different or business owners that need greater control over their plan.

Alphastaff might be best for your business if:

  • You know precisely what you want from your PEO service provider and aren’t afraid to ask for it.
  • Your business is in the rapidly growing New Jersey health care sector.
  • You’re open to unique and innovative ideas moving your company forward.

5) TriNet

With more than $37 billion in payroll and more than 15,000 clients, TriNet has carved a large section of the PEO market for itself, and over the last 30 years has attempted to stay innovative and adaptive to the needs of their client base. We think they’ve been successful in doing so, and they have a competitive online platform you can use to coordinate your efforts.

While not always the most flexible in their policy options and while they can be a bit expensive for some businesses, we would also like to note that TriNet is wanting for little in terms of available services, and there is little commitment when signing up.

TriNet might be best for your business if:

  • Your business is comprised of many remote employees or you want to be certain that the needs of those employees are easily met.
  • You want to provide excellent and affordable benefit options to your employees.
  • You are on the slightly larger side of the spectrum of small and medium sized businesses.


There is no shortage of excellent PEO service providers in New Jersey. It might seem like this makes things easier for you, but in many cases, it only makes finding the perfect fit for your business even harder. Yet only you know what your business needs, so take notes on your priorities, goals, and what your employees need. If you do this, we’re confident that you will be able to use the above information to make the right choice for your New Jersey business.