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How Micro-Blogging Can Influence Your Offline Business

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Previously on [email protected], we looked at how you could leverage on your blog to promote your offline business.

However, if blogging isn’t really your cup of tea, perhaps Micro-blogging might just be.

“Micro-blogging” is the concept of sending short messages to a broad audience. While regular blogging generally takes time, experience, and dedication, microblogging can spread your brand faster and open up access to people and information that might not be accessible by conventional means.

While micro-blogging probably won’t generate you any stand-alone money, it can greatly affect your offline business.

Obtaining benefits from micro-blogging is not simply about the following, though. It is about who follows you, and what kind of information you bring to the table.

Those micro-blogging about what they have for lunch will probably gain less authority off the bat than those who give out the occasional business tip or answer questions from other users.

Learning to balance your giving out information with the taking of information is extremely important for creating an effective micro-blogging presence.

Following too many people can result in an overload, but following few and contributing randomly will hurt you as well. Just as with blogging and social media in general, you must learn to balance your workload.

Build Contacts

Micro-blogging services such as Twitter, Pownce, Plurk, Tumblelog put you in contact with thousands of users, many of whom specialize in a certain field. By leveraging the people you follow, you can generate leads to clients, contacts, partners, affiliates, and more. Following the right authorities will give you insight and information from the messages they send out themselves, and you can use the services to ask questions to a much wider audience.

Having a wide array of local contacts is a huge advantage for an offline business. Being able to communicate with other business owners or possible patrons in your area will allow you to promote your products and services via word-of-mouth, which is still the most powerful form of advertising.

Get Guidance and Information

In the right hands, micro-blogging can be a fantastic research tool, especially when it comes to looking for primary resources. Having experts on hand to give you guidance and console is a fantastic situation to be in when running an offline business. If you happen to be trying to look up legal information, following a lawyer and asking them for advice will give you an advantage over roaming the internet or your county city hall for help and customer service.

The best part about the micro-blogging services is that the feedback is near instant. Whereas emails can take hours and forums can even take weeks, micro-blogging sites take minutes to garner feedback from a variety of people on a variety of topics.

Whether you want to know what kind of features your existing customers enjoy, or what color you should paint your store, you can get upwards of one-hundred different opinions at the drop of a hat.

Sell Products and Services

With a great micro-blogging presence, you can create instant press releases for your products and services. Simply tweeting about your latest release will spur others into “retweeting” your information, and so on and so forth until you have hundreds of potential customers being referred to your business. Learning to use the power of the community to grow the launch of your business is ultimately how micro-blogging will effect your offline business from a profitable perspective.

Micro-blogging is extremely powerful and can be a great tool when growing your offline business. Whether you use it for product and service announcements or for finding new contacts and leads, learning to participate on micro-blogging sites is a skill that any great entrepreneur should develop.

Even Barrack Obama micro-blogged from his campaign trail using Twitter.


  1. Marketing Man says:

    Barack Obama’s election campaign sure embraced online exposure like never before, and although I was an initial sceptic, the power of micro blogging in general, and twitter in particular can no longer be ignored. You do so at your own peril.

  2. online marketing blog says:

    Twitter is a powerful tool and should be respected. It can take less work to manage an account on twitter than running a blog. Many companies successful integrate there twitter account with there business. Be it customer support or by giving coupons and promos to their twitter followers.

  3. Agent 001 says:

    From the current trends on internet it is surely clear that Micro-blogging is very hot. Twitter in particular has been very good in promoting whatever you want to.

  4. seo india says:

    Micro blogging very become important trendy option to get influence people for offline business like twitter and facebook are most powerful media of micro blogging.

  5. Robby G says:

    Twitter has become insanely huge an helps many bloggers and businessmen outside of the blogosphere that use it to their advantage. I personally think that it’s important to have a genuine following to have any real influence, but then again it’s quite efficient in networking and making new friends.

  6. Great article on microblogging. Case in point..I found this website through Twitter. Awesome!

  7. Niche Marketing says:

    People love to pass on coupons on Twitter…. so if you can create a coupon, I would and pass it along to your twitter followers, and it can explode like wildfire.

  8. Best CSS Gallery says:

    Great article! The power of micro blogging becomes bigger and bigger every day

  9. You can see more and more people embracing microblogging. The amount of musicians taking up these formats is growing immensely and I’m curious to see how they translate it into their careers. Still, I’ve had a lot of trouble utilizing these tools and you provide some good tips.

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  11. Current account says:

    Twitter has proven that micro-blogging can compete with the traditional blogs. Who doesn’t want to spend less time writing 200-330 words a day? As long as people don’t abuse the model by trying to cheat the system, it will surely be the next big thing.

  12. Travel Master says:

    People even don’t know yet how powerful Twitter is.

  13. KushMoney says:

    micro-blogging is fun. Surely can get your word out to many people.

  14. So far, Twitter is my #1 source of traffic to my website. I’m not sure if that’s good for conversions, but it does get people to my site. Now to work on step II…

  15. Remote Data Backup says:

    @marketing man –

    Have a look at how many tweets Obama has made since the election.

    Pretty poor effort, and the twittersphere can rightly feel used by him for his campaign purposes.

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    Yeah, I agree with you man. Twitter is really powerful tool.
    Pretty nice article, micro blogging heading further huh.

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  19. theteendoc says:

    This is a great article especially for newbies like myself. I am still trying to figure out how to balance and etiquette, etc. I do a lot of reading , essentially listening.

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  22. It is a very good insight on how to use micro-blogging. Pls! update yourself regarding Pownce, it is closed down for some unknown reasons.

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