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How to Make Money After Building Your List

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The hottest tip for marketing online these days seems to revolve around building a mailing list. Many tell you that if they could start out all over again, they would start with building a list.

However, when it comes to ‘building a list’ there seems to be a lot of mystery about how to proceed. Do you sell the list to make money? (The answer to that one is NO!)

So how do you go about making money online using your new found mailing list?

If you’ve ever taken a marketing class, an e-mail list is a sales technique known as an “endless chain.” You call one person, they might not want to take advantage of your offers, and then you move on to the next.

With a mailing list, you can reach hundreds (or thousands, if you’re that good) of people to promote your new product, website, service, etc. Mailing lists are extremely versatile for promotions.

Before discussing specific ideas, let’s talk about how NOT to make money with your mailing list. Here are some things you should never do if you want to be make money with your list:

  • Do not spam your subscribers! They opted into your list to get some helpful resources/offers, not to be spammed with all sort of craps.
  • Do not fill your campaigns (newsletters) with affiliate links. Try to keep it down to one or two per newsletter, and always inform your subscribers that they are going to click affiliate links.
  • Do not send multiple e-mails a day. Once a day is fine enough, and you might lose subscribers from those who don’t appreciate the multitude of e-mails you send them.

How to Make Money with Your List

There are several ways that you can make money from your e-mail list.

Consider your list to be the audience at a company meeting, and your e-mails to be your pitches to loyal customers. The best way to generate money from your list is to make your subscribers feel like the elite. Offer them things early, get their opinions, and give them special deals.

Aside from that, the best ways to make money with your mailing list are:

Promoting a New Website: Send your leads an intro of a new website and how it benefits them. Encourage them to sign up and maybe even offer a benefit for subscribers such as early usage of the
website or a free month of service, etc.

Promoting your new site will not only drive traffic faster and more effectively, it will drive people who are interested in what your site has to offer, and who will possibly recommend it to their network of friends.

Selling a Website or Domain Name: You can use your new list to advertise websites or domain names that you might want to sell. Make sure to make your subscribers feel as though they are taking advantage of a quick offer.

Just like real-estate, you have to make them consider all of the benefits your available website can give to them, and how it could go fast.

Affiliate Marketing: You can make money through affiliate marketing by picking a product to promote with in a campaign and sending it off to your subscribers.

Be sure to tell them how the product works for them, and if possible, create a special promotional code to give them a discount. For HTML e-mails, promote your affiliate link (but don’t go nuts!) and for plain text, promote the coupon code more heavily (so people don’t see the affiliate URL).

Donations: If your website is more towards non-profit, or provides a free service, then ask your mailing list (nicely) to support your efforts with a small donation or contribution to development.

This is probably the least effective marketing technique, but if you have extremely loyal leads and a good cause, this method could work well.  Just be sure to setup a “thank you” page!

Making money using a mailing list is easier than many might think. While a mailing list is not the magical end-all-be-all make money online idea, it is a tried and true method with various benefits for yourself and your website.

As it’s most often cited that “The money is in the list“. Now go build your list.


  1. Chris Brooks says:

    Great tips. Another valuable asset to having a list is the ability to do personal surveys to get your target audiences opinions on ideas. Such as content ideas or if you’re launching a new thing, your list should be the first place you stop to get information. Yaro Starak has a great video discussing this at http://www.entrepreneurs-journey.com/1085/blue-sky/. I would highly recommend it.

  2. Writer Dad says:

    Those are all great tips, you just need to make sure that you maintain honesty and integrity with your audience. Building a list is important to success. Keeping it is paramount.

  3. Charles Lau says:

    Great tips about making money with the list! Thanks for sharing. I will look into that.

  4. Alex Sumerall says:

    Great post. As soon as I get my e-book done I’ll be starting my mailing list with AWeber.

  5. Best CSS Gallery says:

    Great article, I’ll go continue building my list now 🙂

  6. Nice post, Yan! I’ve heard from several other top internet marketers that if they could start over they would have started building their email list from day one. I like the idea of the survey too…thanks Chris!

  7. Legal Conveyance says:

    I think Affiliate Marketing is more secure and easily way to earn money but i don’t know how i get affiliated sites.

  8. Handmade jewellery says:

    Yes you can do that…however, you need a good base of friends and family to get your name out there. If people start telling other people that you can build computers cheap then you can start making good money. Start off real cheap and then work your way up.

  9. Caden Grant - Make Money ONline says:

    Great post! I will use all of these once I build my list and get a good amount of subscribers.

  10. DoFollow backlinks says:

    I always feel a bit out of place. I do quite well with my online businesses but have rarely made more money than the cost of my Aweber account. I have a 1000 people across a couple areas but I just seem to have no buyers.

    Hopefully I’ll turn the corner.

  11. Online Applications says:

    I haven’t build a list yet, but it looks like I should do that right away.

    That’s really not something I thought about starting out, but if most people regret not doing it from the beginning there must be something to it.

  12. Marketing Man says:

    The money is in the list indeed. If you’ve build the list around people who are interested in the products and/or services you cover in your specific niche you’ve already got a really powerful audience that are pretty much ready and willing to buy into your offer. Great advice.

  13. Used Tires says:

    Does having over 150 email subscribers on feedburner count as a list? Or do you need to have aweber type list?

  14. Make dollars online says:

    Nice article overall. I realise that as soon as you get a subscriber, you can send him a variety of ads when your content arrives to him while a simple visitor sees only one ad and then might never come back

  15. Shanker bakshi says:

    They says money os in the list. I’m the dumb who was not aware of this big fat fact from last couple of years. Now i’m constrating on building my list and then making money as you suggested above. Bookmarked. Two thums up.

  16. Adsense Money and Websites says:

    I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

  17. This is a very helpful article I’m glad I am learning about mailing lists and how I can monetize mine.

  18. Explode Your List Now says:

    Awesome advice you’ve given Michael.

    However…I must add that the money is NOT ONLY in the list, but also in the “behavior of the list”.

    Do they read your messages or do they not?

    Do they click or do they not?

    Do they buy or do they not?

    You can have a great
    connection/relationship with a
    list and yet some still don’t buy.

    Focus on the behavior of your list as well as just the relationship (which is vitally important too of course).

    Just thought I add to this excellent post my experience of how to make money from your list.

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