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How to Make Money Flipping Website

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Making money online nowadays comes in a variety of forms. One of the most common and most profitable ways to make money online is through making and selling websites for profit, also known as “website flipping.”

Website flipping is similar to real-estate, in that you want to create a property that is attractive and provides the owners with a quality site and a nice resale value.

By following a few tips for website flipping, you can take advantage of this money making technique.

Tips for Website Flipping

Design: Remember to use an attractive and neutral design that is geared towards your target market. If your website is about puppies then be sure to include playful colors as opposed to a gaming website which might have a darker color scheme. The aesthetic strength of your website will determine how other your buyers might value it.

Location, Location, Location: If you have a complicated web address, then make sure you play to the strengths of it. Remind your target market about keywords in domains, or explain how the extension benefits the name. You want to make the domain name as attractive as possible to your target market.

It’s All About Presentation: If your website has outdated code, is cluttered with ads, or looks disappointing in any way, then your potential buyers won’t want to take it from you. Make sure to clean up your site, validate all of your code, and do an inspection for anything potential buyers might look for.

As well, make sure to have all relevant information on hand for those who ask (Alexa, Google, Yahoo!, Revenue, etc.).

Features, Benefits, and Extras: Promote any extras that your site has when preparing it for sale. If you have a custom template, then hype that up. If you have an extremely unique concept, then discuss that.

The idea is to make the site look not just of high quality, but unique. Make sure you hype up the benefits that your target market would appreciate most.

Resale Value: People want to know that they will get a return on their investment. Let your market know that the websites you sell them can be sold for even more money one day. Discuss revenue patterns, traffic, and search engine rankings to show that your site is high quality. Give the people what they want and let them know that it’s a good investment.

Learn to Bargain: Always set your base price slightly higher than the price you really want to get for your site. In this way, when you begin to sell sites, you can drop the rate just to the price you expect, and seem open to negotiations as well.

Find the Right Market: Those interested in internet marketing will not want to buy a website based on classic arcade games. Make sure to market your website to the right people, so that you can find interested buyers willing to pay a great price.

Selling websites can be fun and profitable if you know how to use the right tactics. Learning to implement those techniques above will ensure your success in flipping website.


  1. Tom - StandOutBlogger.com says:

    Great post Yan! I am currently deciding on whether my latest project is going to be a flip project or long-term, but I loved the simple but important steps.

  2. Web Design says:

    Really Nice and Informative Post For Making Money. Thanks For sharing Tips For Making Money On Website Flipping.

  3. Marketing Man says:

    Location, location, location….whether it be regular real estate, or virtual internet real estate, the value of a good address just can not be emphasized enough! Obscure corners exist both in sleepy suburbs and in the internet, and you don’t want to start a business reliant on feet through the door there, now do you?

  4. Caden Grant - Make Money ONline says:

    Great post. I’ve never flipped a website but I’m thinking about trying it.

  5. DoFollow backlinks says:

    I’d suggest using the same format since its easier to replicate the same theme over and over. You can also pump traffic by forum posting.

  6. Internet Marketing Strategies says:

    Wow interesting idea before it i haven’t use flipping but after read this post i think i would also try this in next project.

  7. Best CSS Gallery says:

    Now I start thinking about flipping a website 🙂 Thanks for the interesting post Yan

  8. Agent 001 says:

    Nice Tips. I am thinking of doing Blog Flipping. These will be helpful.

  9. Great tips about flipping. I like the idea of bargaining. It usually works psychologically speaking because once you say you will give them this much discount, they are more likely to buy it.

  10. Play Games Win Prizes says:

    Unfortunately, flipping websites do need a starting principal first with a 50/50 chance of winning or losing.. 🙁


  11. Make dollars online says:

    Interesting article, im wondering if website flipping is profitable or if building a website with traffic is better in the long run

  12. Shanker bakshi says:

    I’m waiting for one of my niche site to kick start, this will probably my first flipping experiance. Great write up there.

  13. Keyword Research Service says:

    I am skeptical about website flipping. It seems to be more suited towards website designers who don’t know how to market a website. You would think if you kept that website and did some marketing, it would make much more money in the long run. I guess if you develop a good system of mass producing websites, this could be a profitable venture.

    I always assumed website flipping was just about selling built websites. With your real estate analogy, it makes me wonder if many people use this strategy with existing websites. You could buy a junk website that has some marketing done. Then you could redesign that site and sell it for much more money.

  14. Ordinary People Can Succesful Internet Marketers says:

    Thanks for sharing this useful information.
    Great post,I will have a look at your other posts and add your blog to my favorites.

  15. Purina Dog Food Coupons says:

    I never really got into website flipping, other than a few blogs most of the sites I create are for long term profits in small amounts everyday. It works for me.

    I’ve seen a few of the bigger MMO guys getting into the flipping game these days so there must be some pretty good money in it.


  16. Cynthia says:

    One great method I’ve found is to find established sites that need work or have been going offline lately and ask the current website owners if they want to sell. Sometimes they’re tired of the maintenance and love the idea of getting it off their to-do list and having a surprise injection of cash.

  17. business management says:

    Can you still make money from website flipping?Please tell me.

  18. Hi,
    Thanks for this nice sharing.it is really nice post with have a good info related to Make Money Flipping Website tips.keep it up this nice sharing.

  19. blogcalismasi1 says:

    One great method I’ve found is to find established sites that need work or have been going offline lately and ask the current website owners if they want to sell.

  20. site flipping is a great deal,i’m working on mine but i need Mastercard.

  21. Name (required) says:

    I agree with most of the things. Want to know more.

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