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How to Really Sell Your Affiliate Products to Your Readers

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Affiliate marketing is about more than just selecting a program. It is about marketing that program efficiently, and using the tools at hand to make your affiliate products more attractive.

If you are new to the business of affiliate marketing, consider the following tips.

Write an Honest Review

The number one way to sell a great product is to write an honest review of it. Describe what you did and didn’t like about it and let your authority work for you.

Loyal readers will appreciate your opinion and buy the product, using your affiliate link. A good review includes pros and cons, and comparisons to other products in the niche. Show your readers’ how your affiliate product stacks up.

Use the Product in Context

If you’re selling an advertising publisher, why not use the publisher on your site to host your ads? Showing how the product works and looks in context will help your readers see how it works.

In addition, viewing a product on a blog with authority will have them wanting to emulate your style!

Promote the Product Away from Your Blog

If you’re regularly on twitter or another social media site, promote your affiliate product. Link back to the review on your blog and let people know that you support your product out of context. Generating word-of-mouth sales is a fantastic technique to make you more money online.

Leverage Your Mailing List

If you’re running a newsletter from your blog, be sure to include a section for “partner offers” from your affiliates. Sometimes those subscribed to your newsletter will not get out to your blog often, but will be more receptive to offers given from the campaign.

If possible, select a product specifically for newsletter subscribers and promote it in your newsletter. Rarity is an attractive quality and can generate a bunch of sales and get new subscribers to your list!

Create a Partner Product

If you have a shop on your blog, or you have a space specifically for affiliate products, create a free “partner product” to go along with it. This could be a simple free landing page layout, or a 5-page report.

People love free gifts and giving away something of yours will increase authority and loyalty. Just make sure that your product is of quality!

Create a Guide to the Product

Write a “getting started” guide to working with the product that you want to promote. Talk about how it is a solution to your readers’ problems, then show them how to use the affiliate product to do what it is they’re trying to achieve.

Guides are a fantastic way to promote products because it gives people a sense of usability and ease. Provide the means and the explanation to really sell your affiliate product to readers.

Give the Product Away for Free

If you can secure one free copy of your affiliate’s product, launch a contest to give it away and generate some buzz. Talk about how winning the product will change your readers’ lives for the better, and some of your readers will choose to buy it right then and there. As well, contests generate more traffic, which generates more leads.

Give the Product Away at a Discount

Some affiliate programs allow you to create coupon codes for the product. While this may take out of your commission earnings, giving away a few coupons and then asking for testimonials back will strengthen the product exposure and build up your reputation as well.

Create a Case Study

Explain to your readers how the product has changed your own personal life by creating a case study about how the product affected your blog. Show your readers some real statistics and changes over time.

Be sure to include personal anecdotes in your study to draw your readers in. Examples are a fantastic way to sell a product.

Finding the right affiliate product for your blog is only the first step in making a good income. A real affiliate marketer knows how to connect with his or her audience and make them find value and solution in the product that is being promoted.

To our success!


  1. Remote Data Backup says:

    Hi Yan,

    I think another way to do this is to compare the product to its competitor in an “honest” review type comparison.

    Of course, your review would favor the product you are promoting 😉

  2. Best CSS Gallery says:

    Very good article Yan, I love reading your posts. Carry on!

  3. Another nice post Yan. Authority is the most important part. I think you can sell a lot more once people have a trust in your judgement rather than running an affiliate program using Adwords or whatever.

  4. Agent 001 says:

    Nice tips. I am currently writing a ebook which I will give for free. I have decided that after it goes well I will write one more ebook and this time sell it.

    I feel your tips will help me in this contest.

  5. Using the product in context seems like a crucial step. Oftentimes, I find myself feeling like I’m being hit by a salesman when I see blog posts made exclusively for hyping up a product. It’s good to see it used more subtly and will often catch my attention better that way.

  6. Remote Data Backup says:

    @Xscape – The last line of the “Use the product in context” part of the post is crucial.

    Having a blog with authority is a massive boost. I think that it becomes a bit of a momentum thing, the blogs which gain authority in their niche would have much more success selling affiliate’s products than a new blog.

  7. Play Games Win Prizes says:

    The WINNER is if you have a huge downline of contacts 🙂


  8. Sammyspam says:

    Great post, im yet to try sell any affilate products, but this post has given me the confidence to start.

  9. Great tips.
    That looks like REAL work! 🙂

  10. free movies says:

    mailing list is the best one. I can still market products to my list of thousands.

  11. Interview Questions says:

    Nice article, my favourite is “Make a getting started guide’, I think thats a great idea! thanks

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  13. Handmade jewellery says:

    It is obvious that affiliate products with cheap prices and high commissions are good both for the buyer and the affiliate marketer. As I want to be an affiliate for some thing that provides sth like this, please tell em where I can get one.

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