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How to Stand Out from the Crowd

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So you’ve “built it” and you find that the people are just not coming. In the back of your mind you wonder, “what could you be missing to draw in the traffic?

Standing out from the “crowd” is a goal that many bloggers strive for. The only way to gain thousands of subscribers is to produce the magical “unique content” that everybody raves about.

However, this is quite a struggle for many newcomers to the game. How exactly does one produce “unique” content and show up on the map?

Uniqueness is defined as “singularity: the quality of being one of a kind.” The question now is this:

Are you offering your readers one of a kind content?

Let’s face it, a lot of the ideas you read about online are copied. However, there are many ways to produce that one-of-a-kind content that readers are begging for.

But it all comes down to one single factor – your own P-E-R-S-O-N-A-L-I-T-Y

That is, your actual content idea versus the way you present it to your readers.

How to Stand Out from the Crowd with Personality

The personality you present to others is a primary factor in getting people to continue to visit your blog and perhaps buy your products.

Here are six tips on developing your personality and personal brand to attract new visitors.

  1. Approachability. People don’t like antisocial bloggers. If you’re not approachable, then you won’t be able to form the connections needed to make important contacts and open opportunities. Approachability can be achieved in many ways, whether in the way that you write or in the way that you act when you’re not blogging.
  2. Charisma. Think of Billy Mayes. He almost makes you believe that “magic putty” could hold together a building in hurricane force winds. Charisma is an essential trait for networking. Like being approachable, once you’ve baited the fish, you need to reel them in.
  3. Honesty. In the sea of scammers and half-hearted offers from “experts,” being honest is a major way to get visitors. Be “transparent” with your motives and let your readers know what your goals are, and what you’re going to do for them. Building trust is an important part of building a community.
  4. Reliability. No matter how honest and approachable you are, if you don’t deliver results, nobody will listen to you. Knowing how to manage your time and work load and deliver on promises builds reliability, which in turn builds reputation.
  5. Authority. Know what you are talking about. Research and develop your thoughts in depth or you will find people questioning your true potential. Never claim to have any skills that you don’t have, but never downplay your strengths. Learning how to emphasize the right ideas will help build up your persona.
  6. Reputation. Once you’re approachable, people will begin to spread the word around about your helpfulness. It’s up to you to build up your image in a positive, helpful light.

To stand out from the crowd and to be able to distinguish yourself from the sea of generic voices comes from within. It comes from your heart.

The rule of “faking it till make it” certainly doesn’t apply here. It’s one of those things you either have it or lack of it.

However, learning to differentiate yourself will ensure that you stay longer in the game and stand to gain great success in your blogging endeavors.


  1. Barbara Ling, Virtual Coach says:

    In my decade+ years online, I’ve found that authority, reputation and honesty are the most critical aspects in maintaining and increasing your online business. The rest follows.

  2. Gordon Mullan says:

    Great post Yan! It’s actually true for any product or service business, whether they’re blogging or not.

    It’s true for every advert, marketing material, website, van sign writing (Ooooh, don’t get me started on that topic again!)

    If a business/blogger is getting dismissed as ‘just another (whatever)’, then they’re always going to struggle.

    Doing just find your USP (unique sellling proposition), find your UPT (unique personality traits) as well!

  3. I agree with a lot of what you said here. It’s important to have an entertaining writing style that people enjoy and will like reading. At the same time, you need to show that you know what you’re doing or else people aren’t going to take you seriously and follow the things you say.

  4. Nice top 6 there. Many believe they can just post a bunch of content, and the traffic will just stream in……however, as you’ve pointed out, there is so much more than that.

  5. Best CSS Gallery says:

    Great post! The most important thing is to write about the things you are an expert in, otherwise no one will follow you, even if you write regularly and in attracting manner. There has to be the rational kernel.

  6. Great post. I would agree, write something not only you are an expert on but enjoy writing about. Readers can tell when a blogger is passionate about their post. That passion and knowledge combined will get more and more readers

  7. Iaax Page says:

    Great post. I really like what you are saying here. I have been around the web a long time ago now only to understand this words of you the hard way!

  8. Josh Hurlock http://twitter.com/JoshHurlock says:


    Thanks for the post. I definitely agree that people just need to be themselves and their personality will distinguish their brand. Everyone wants to make a name for themselves and to stand out from everyone else. This is great advice for young entrepreneurs at http://www.under30ceo.com/.

  9. Yan Susanto says:


    Exactly, we built our reputation and authority upon honesty. We can still fake it but the truth will eventually prevail.

  10. Yan Susanto says:

    Well said, Gordon. I reckon this is the first time I’ve heard the term UPT (Unique Personality Traits). Awesome! I know where you are coming with that van sign writing…. did I get you started all over again? 😉

    PS: You’ve got a great blog, Gordon. Expect to see me soon once I’m done here.

  11. Yan Susanto says:


    Thanks for agreeing and reinforcing what I’ve written above. It’s NOT what you say, it’s about HOW you say it – in your style.

  12. Yan Susanto says:

    @Best CSS Gallery

    Hey pal, you’ve been following and commenting on every single article here at Retire @ 21. Do we by any chance get to know your name?


  13. greats tips! And I 100% agree with the fact that personality does matter when readers… read! It affects what they read, why they read, and if they’ll ever read it again!! Thanks again for the tips, Yan!

  14. The Blogger Source says:

    I would add style also. If you have a certain style it can distinguish you from others as well. Good job Yan.

  15. Eddie Gear says:

    Hi there,

    A very interesting article. I’ve been looking for information about standing our and have a feeling that I’ve read this elsewhere before. Anyways, thanks for sharing.

    Eddie Gear

  16. Ned Carey says:

    Great article Yan. However I have to disagree on a small point. Reputations isn’t a “how to”. It is not something you can do. It is the result of doing the first 5 items.

  17. Yan Susanto says:

    You are right, Ned. It’s the byproduct of the first 5. Couldn’t have agreed more.

    Hey, I’m pretty surprised to see you here. You’re almost everywhere lately.


  18. Dean Wong says:

    Hey Yan,

    Fabulous stuff indeed. As we say in Jamaica “yu hav it lock, stock and barrel”
    Which means you have all the right ingredients here.



  19. My blog is very new, and one thing I noticed that made people come back to see my blog again is my personality. I am friendly and I reach out to my readers. I am down to earth, honest, guy that speaks the truth, and my readers love that. This really made me stand out from other bloggers.

  20. @Yan
    I was just brwsing when i found this website and you can’t imagine how much i’ve learned in the past 3 hours, thanks for the great articles and topics!

    @Ned Carey

    You couldn’t be less right about reputation. It’s something that is built along the way. Here in Brazil we have a saying: “Trust is a sand castle: takes time to build and no effort to destroy it.”

    @Kai Lo
    I’ve never been a blogger, even in my teenage years, but i’ll follow your example on my website :- D


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