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Interview With Collis Ta'eed – Founder of FreeLanceSwitch.com

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Collis Ta’eed Interview

This is a great pleasure — today we present an – Interview With Collis Ta’eed – Founder of FreeLanceSwitch.com

Collis is the founder of FreeLanceSwitch which has been running for only one year but has attracted over 20,000 Subscribers. Collis has worked as a freelancer, employed freelancers, advised freelancers and even dated some. He has built numerous websites, started two businesses, art directed a design agency, spoken at conferences, initiated multiple online communities and regularly writes articles and posts for sites across the web.

FEATURED QUESTIONS: When you set up FreeLanceSwitch.com – did you know it would be so successful? What were your initial goals / dreams for the site?

No, not at all. Actually I was running a blog called NorthxEast which was my first blog. After about 4 months it had 250 subscribers which I felt was a huge success. One day I posted a post about freelancing and it made it on Delicious/popular, which had never happened to me before … Unfortunately it also crashed my server! But anyhow I thought if that post was popular, maybe a site on the subject would be well received. I never imagined that after a month of FreelanceSwitch we’d have over 3000 readers, or that after a year it’d be past 20,000!

My initial goals to be honest were simply to experiment. I love starting new things and trying out new ideas, and FreelanceSwitch was one of those things that just popped up. It turned out to be successful, so we just hung on tight!

Thanks so much Collis for this Interview!

Find out more about Collis Ta’eed:

Website: http://freelanceswitch.com/

Business: http://eden.cc/

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