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Interview With Pete Cashmore – Founder of Mashable.com

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Pete Cashmore Interview

This is a great pleasure — today we present an Interview with Pete Cashmore – Found Of Mashable.com



Pete Cashmore is just 22 years old and is the founder of Mashable, one of the most visited blogs in the world. Mashable offers news on social networking and social software and attracts millions of visitors every month.

FEATURED QUESTIONS: Mashable describes itself as The Social Networking Blog. In your opinion what are the next big steps / hot trends for social networking?

“There are two huge trends going forward: aggregation and mobile social networking.  Aggregation is bringing together all your social networks: you might have a Facebook profile, a MySpace page, photos on Flickr, videos on YouTube and other fragments distributed around the web.  A new breed of services is trying to bring those parts together to make our online lives easier.”

Interview with Pete Cashmore – Found Of Mashable.com


  1. That was one beautiful interview. And mashable is one of my favorite blogs. Although Pete didnt come up with some interesting answers for some questions.

  2. Agent 001 says:

    Well good interview session.I do not know about that blog but as it gives news on social networking, it will be of my liking.

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