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Making Profits Out of Your Home Business Blog

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Blogging is a common buzzword and almost everyone who uses the internet knows what it is. In fact, many internet users have and maintain their own blogs.

Several years ago, people wrote blogs to unleash their personal thoughts and feelings. It wasn’t long ago that the power of blogging was discovered by different business people from different parts of the world, and they took advantage of it to promote their businesses online.

If you are into online marketing, one of the best tools that you can use to promote your online business is to create your very own home business blog.

Many affiliate marketers use this technique nowadays to boost their sales. This was a proven strategy and a lot of salesperson have greatly benefited from it.

How to Start Your First Home Business Blog?

You can browse for websites that enable free registration and blog posting. There are a huge number of options out there, which include Blogspot, WordPress, Live Journal, Multiply and PR Logs among others.

It will only take you about 15 minutes to set up your own free site. There are instructions to follow but they are only few and easy steps. You can get these blogs listed on search engines in just a matter of 2 days or more.

Believe it or not, there are teenagers who are earning $ xx,xxx a month through their home business blogs. If people who are as young as them could earn that much by blogging, what more can adults like us do?

Of course, bloggers would not earn that much in an instance. You need to provide content for your blog on a regular basis. After some time, you will see a dramatic change in your earnings. It will require diligence, time and dedication on the part of the blogger to establish readership.

In short, blogging is like a marathon. It is not to be considered as a sprint. It is also like wine which brings out the better taste as it grows older.

Content is King

When you have a home business blog, the first thing that you should bear in mind is that you should try your best to provide quality content at all times. People would come to your site because they know that it’s worth their time. They know that your content is always interesting, informative and useful to your readers.

Providing your visitors with quality content will help you build up a good reputation and it will increase your credibility as well. In just a matter of weeks or months, you will be able to build a bond between your business and them.

If you are going to talk about a product or a service on your blog, it is best if you will only write about something that you have really tried and tested. It will be difficult to write about something that you have no experience with.

It is always easier to describe something that you really have awareness of. Drawing those thoughts from your very own experience tends to be more effective and persuasive.

If you can place a subscription box and a thank you pop up on your blog, the better. Once your readers subscribe to your blog, they will instantly be notified whenever you post something new. The will immediately be informed when you have something interesting to offer.

Affiliate Marketing is Where The Money is

Supposed you are into affiliate marketing, you should place your affiliate link on your blog. You can also place your affiliate buttons or banners, which when clicked, will redirect readers to your main site, sign up form or purchase form.

Do not forget to write reviews about the products or services that you are marketing. Be honest about what you will say because you will win the hearts of your readers by doing this thing. Readers now have become more intelligent and they can easily distinguish hype and an honest review. Also, bear in mind that majority of the online buyers purchase stuffs after coming from a blog or a review.

Most blogging sites allow bloggers to upload videos. Do not miss the opportunity to use this feature for the sake of boosting your online sales. Upload videos about the products and services that you are selling. Actual demonstrations can easily entice viewers to make a purchase.

If you’re still in doubts and not quite sure where to start, let Michael teach you how to start your first profitable home business blog.


  1. That was a good read! That’s right, content is really important. You should always put into consideration that people go to your blog to get information – and as a writer, you should be able to satisfy their needs for them to come back and check out your other posts. 🙂

  2. Michelle says:

    If content is the king then promotion is the queen. You blog might be interesting and unique but won’t gain the deserved attention because will get lost in a pile of other resources. You gotta market it wisely in order to become popular.

    • Jonha @ Happiness says:

      Couldn’t agree more with Michelle.

      Once you’ve established a stack of quality contents, there comes the need for promotion. You need links and some real traffic to your site, or you simply won’t make any money.

  3. [email protected] to make money online says:

    Good post. Creating a blog is essential if your want to grow your online business. A blog provides great long term earning potential if your provide good content and seo optimized blog posts.

  4. Great tips Yan. My blog is still young, but I focus on providing content and grabbing more subscribers with value everyday. What you said here is completely understandable. It does take time and commitment in order to succeed especially for a blog.

  5. Free Arcade Games says:

    Blogging has indeed come a long way since it was ever used for online Diaries or notes. People are turning ANYTHING into a money making machine now.


  6. i want to start a blog with just 50 dollar is this possible

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  8. Handmade jewellery says:

    I have decided to start a business doing something I really enjoy. However, I am having difficulty naming it. I had a hard enough time naming three kids, lol. I am planning on opening an ebay store and doing a blog or website.

  9. Handmade jewellery says:

    The naming of your business could be one of the most important decisions you will make. A name’s originality and legal availability will create a real asset value of its own, as it becomes marketed and gains market acceptance.

  10. used tires says:

    Content is King for sure, but it is also important consistently deliver the quality content. If you do it consistently, and consistently provide great content, you will over the readers and gain alot of traction on your blog.

    Till then,


  11. Real estate PA says:

    Great technique to push our sales even can earn via affiliate marketing, but same problem facing most of blogger is about to ContenT… but still it would be one of the key way to making money.

  12. A blog for me remains the diary in which I simply write my thoughts. However, at this moment I have a lot more free time, and I seriously thought about earnings with the help of my blog.

  13. glass beads says:

    It always come down to the payment for hosts, and it’s expensive you know. That’s the first problem for me.

  14. It is always easier to describe something that you really have awareness of. Drawing those thoughts from your very own experience tends to be more effective and persuasive.

  15. Wyjazdy Studenckie says:

    It is difficult not only to start home business but also to make it alive for longer period of time. There is nothing complicated in creating a blog, writing some good posts and use marketing methods to increase traffic. But to sustain that traffic, or to expand the site is something totally different. Not everyone have the patience and heard to do that.

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  17. websiteaffiliateprogramgirl says:

    Hi, what inspires you to post articles about this topic? It is very informative and enriches my knowledge!

  18. Phil Hogan says:

    Blogging is not for everyone. I agree, Content is King. Without proper content that will cater with the audience, it would just look like a site with texts. Along with these contents, you should look how often you update the blog. The less time you visit your blog, the less profit it will gain.


  19. Handmade jewellery says:

    Write real content that people would be interested to read. Many think that just creating blog is one thing — but for a blog to earn money, it has to have traffic first.

  20. Handmade jewellery says:

    Think of a topic where advertisers are plenty and they are actually bidding on keywords competitively. If you write about your pet hamster in your blog, not only will people not really bother to read what you write, but that there are hardly any advertisers in that space.

  21. ewenchia'ssecretaffiliateweapon2 says:

    weeks calibrating and getting it ready when all of a sudden?I cannot delete any content. It

  22. Blogging on our home business may become quite easy, you given very easy way to promote business and earn money from blogging, agree with your idea as m doing catering business so having more knowledge about my catering business and its prons and cons so i can write more about same on my blog but only one problem is little bit lack of knowledge about affiliate marketing so looking forward on affiliate marketing source or post about how to start affiliate on blog.

  23. Office Space says:

    Now a days affiliate seems great way of earning money using blog as a medium, most of people complaining about topic but here you have great idea blogging about home business easy or simple way of blogging regular.

  24. Payment services says:

    Yeah, I used to sell links on a tech blog of mine but Google is really good at catching people who sell links, so I think affiliate links are the way to go.

  25. Thanks Im definitly going to take that information in context for my new blog http://www.ben-lang.com
    I really want to see those xx,xxx coming soon… 🙂

  26. social phobia says:

    It’s very true that maintaining a blog is like a marathon. I recently had to put a blog on hold because it was taking too long to rank where I needed it to.

    But it also took so long because I was maintaining it incorrectly.

  27. Yes i agree with that,content its very important,but when creating the content,it take time for begineer and they need more guide to creat a good content.

  28. Back Acne Cures says:

    Almost every single make money online blog I used to visit has now been abandoned, there’s no point of newbies making more…

  29. Chris Peterson says:

    Nice & practical advice, Yan. But it’s oversimplified & not exactly looking like the kinda post that would give some starting point for beginners as intended. It gives them direction but not the road. However, I liked your style of building curiosity.

  30. Handmade jewellery says:

    I do participate in those online surveys but that seems to be a dead end. I want something that’s not a scam and will not take what money I don’t have. I do verify everything through the better business bureau.

  31. Handmade jewellery says:

    I’m not interested in posting a web link or blog because I don’t have my own business nor do I intend on having my own business. I was more interested in posting links, data entry, etc. for other companies.

  32. Great post. You are right..”content is king”. It does not matter how well your blog rank int he search engines if you do not provide your readers with good fresh content they will find another blog to read.

  33. Content is king is a very overworked (if very true) concept. A bigger one that many blogs I have perused seem to fail to grasp is so is correct spelling and half decent grammar.

  34. John Williams says:

    Write real content that people would be interested to read. Many think that just creating blog is one thing — but for a blog to earn money, it has to have traffic first. And you can only get traffic if your blog has something worth visiting — you have highly informative content, you write in a very witty or humurous way.

  35. You sure are right about content. The main difference between successful blogs and poor performing blogs is the content. There is so much crap online. All you have to do to stand out is be unique, authentic and always over deliver on your content.

  36. Blogging is the new era. Its benefits are immense. Home business, affiliates and blogs makes a hell of a chocolate milkshake and everyone’s drinking it.

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