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Monetizing Different WordPress Categories

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As you all know I have been working on my new project Webdesigndev.com quite a lot. Since launching it I have been working on some cool ways to monetize the site.

Showing Different Affiliate Programs in Different Catagorys

Back in 2006 I was running a tutorial website on Webdesigndev.com and was using Google Adsense to monetize the website but ended up getting banned because back then the quality of traffic I had didn’t meet Google’s standard. I decided that I want to promote affiliate products to earn money. The issue I had was the fact that the site content varied a lot from Photoshop to Dreamweaver, if I want to promote a affiliate product on the site I would have to show the same product site wide. This wasn’t a issue before when I was using Google Adsense because it shows different adverts depending on what the page was about. Instead of this, if someone could type in Google “How to build a website in Dreamweaver” they read the tutorial and then see a affiliate advert at the bottom promoting a membership site for learning photoshop, so that on all Dreamweaver tutorials I wasn’t able to monetize the traffic in the actually blog posts if I didn’t manually add adverts to each one.

Researching for a way around this I found Template Tags/in category which allows you to post a bit of code to show different adverts in different category’s.

So if you take the category number, for Dreamweaver the category number is 6 and copy the code bellow and you need to paste it in your Single.php file where you want to show the advert.

You can see the exact code I used to do this bellow.

If I was to post this code in my Single.php file then it will show the text “New! Dreamweaver Interactive Video Tutorials – Discover Everything You Need To Know To Build Your Website Step By Step From Start To Finish With This Dreamweaver Tutorial.” above the content of the post.

This now means I can monetize not just the Photoshop traffic but the Dreamweaver and Flash traffic to.

I hope this helps, this should definitely help anyone with a website with a wide audience like gadget blogs, you will be able to show different gadget products in different categories.


  1. Never knew you could do that! Very interesting.

  2. dean hunt says:

    Cool little trick.

    Could be very useful, and I suppose you could use it for your own products as well one day.

    Nice one.


  3. Zak Show says:

    Wery good tip, I really like this little trick and I’ll test it.

  4. Make Money says:

    Ah, very nice. I’ll try it out for my blog.

  5. That’s a really nice site u got – thanks for the tips

  6. Sorry about this 😀 it’s Very not Wery, lol!

  7. Pays to live green says:

    I do this with an affiliate I am using and it really works. I show different products for the company and it keeps people clicking.

  8. Paid Survey Guy says:

    How is this working for you?
    I only have 1 website using Dreamweaver CMS (the others are on Joomla and WP) but due to my lack of experience in DreamWeaver my site looks horrible, I will try adding this code and hopefully it’ll make me some more money! 🙂 Thanks

  9. Marketing Man says:

    I think articles themselves can monetize categories which they fall under. You can do some research on the most searched for subjects and post an article on that subject using it as the title. Then ensure that the content is keyword rich for great search engine results.

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