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The Structure of a Compelling Blog Post

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Anybody can write a blog post. However, it takes serious talent to write a blog post that compels people to read it, and even more so, to comment and share it.

What qualities make for compelling content? What is it that makes posts more highly regarded?

Many bloggers strive to find that “formula” for creating the perfect blog post. The post that garners comments and remarks and brings in traffic everyday.

It is the compelling blog posts that stray from the average blogger, and finding the right combination of elements to create that post can be a hassle.

However, all compelling blog posts follow the same basic guidelines.

The Controversial Topic

A blog post about squash is probably not going to compel many people. However, a blog post about how squash will add 20 years to your life will probably draw in a great audience. To write a compelling blog post, you first have to think of a compelling topic.

Great blog posts are controversial, make you think, or solve a problem that few others can’t solve.

The Gripping Introduction

A fantastic blog post has a gripping introduction that pulls your readers in. Whether it’s the promise of success or a personal anecdote that draws their eye, without utilizing the first couple of sentences, you can’t build that compelling blog post that gets people talking.

Hook, line, and sinker, you are aiming to get people to take notice of the situation and sit down to see what solution you have to offer.

The Underlying Message

Even more important than choosing the right topic is making the impact you want to make. An outstanding blog post has an overall message that it gets through clearly to its readers and then drives home.

Make sure that when crafting your compelling posts, you remember that you’re trying to convey a message to your readership. If you miss the entire point, then nobody is going to discuss your ideas.

The Driving Point

Once you have your message, you have to pull together powerful examples to drive it home to your readers. Great blog posts have fantastic examples that give readers that “ah!” moment.

Whether it’s an inspirational story or just a simple logical conclusion, fantastic posts have the force to drive home their message and make it memorable to readers.

It is up to the blogger to find the formula that gets the message across in the most dynamic and dramatic way.

The Wholesome Conclusion

Compelling posts wrap up neatly, and have an ending that make readers think about the topic and the message and connect to their lives or own personal interpretations.

Great blog posts have open ended conclusions that allow readers to share in on the conversation, and prompt your readers for response. Suffice to say, you can lose everything with a poor conclusion, making it an extremely important element of a compelling blog post.

To Sum It Up

Writing unique content is easier than many think. It is writing content that calls people to comment and share that separates the outstanding writers from the average bloggers.

Following these guidelines may not give you the perfect end-all-be-all blog post, but they will have you on your way to crafting posts that make people sit down and read, and even more so, apply your ideas to the world around you.


  1. Chris Brooks says:

    Great information! I agree with StandOutBlogger it is all about the quality. Another idea is to do podcast interviews with niche experts. This is made really easy though Skype, blogtalkradio.com and other services. Just my two cents. Keep up the good work!

  2. Tom - StandOutBlogger.com says:

    Great post Yan! It’s all about creating quality, instead of just pushing articles out 😀

  3. Affiliate Marketing Tips says:

    I would add keeping your posts short and sweet!

    It’s easy to get wordy and go overboard when you’re writing on topics you’re passionate about. I’ve found from my agency days in user studies that people like to scroll and scan a post before reading it. There is a balance between length and perceived value with the reader. While the topic may have lead to a click, a long post could cause them to leave.

    How much people care about the message or solution has a direct correlation to how much text they’re willing to read. At the end of the day you want people reading, commenting and sharing!

  4. Remote Data Backup says:

    @ Chris Brooks – the technical side of doing a podcast with an industry expert might be easy, but have you ever actually tried to get one to answer an email, let alone do an interview?

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  11. dylonlow says:

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  12. Charles Lau says:

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