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Young Entrepreneurs Get Tips From Yanik Silver

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Young Entrepreneur Tips From Yanik Silver

Entrepreneurial advice for Young Entrepreneurs from Yanik Silver, Internet Marketing Guru and Maverick Adventurer.

It is my very great pleasure to introduce to the RetireAt21.com audience Mr Yanik Silver

Yanik has been an inspiration to me and many other young entrepreneurs – indeed Yanik runs a business called Maverick Business Adventures which as part of their giving Back program, support Young Entrepreneurs.

In this Video, Yanik shares his Top Tips for getting started – in less that 3 minutes Yanik shares what I believe are awesome strategies and beliefs that will help more of us to become highly successful entrepreneurs while at the same time becoming better contributors to society.

Side Note:

One of the most frequently asked questions I get as owner of RetireAt21.com – is how did I come to get the idea for the site?

Way back in 2006 (when I was just 17) I attended a Yanik Silver Underground Online Seminar in London. I am not 100% sure how the idea popped into my head but someone or something there gave me the idea to create a website for Young Entrepreneurs and the name Retire At 21 came directly as a result of attending that seminar. So I suppose you could say without Yanik Silver I would never have been inspired to create a Young Entrepreneurs website.

Thank you for the insights Yanik, you are one awesome, cool dude – Respect for your passion for helping other young entrepreneurs.

By the way, also, CHECK OUT the Yanik Silver Underground Seminar It is in Washington, DC this February and I shall be attending – it would be awesome to meet RetireAt21 readers there

To All Our Success



  1. Joel Drapper says:

    Thanks for sharing this Michael. Some great tips in that video.

    I would love to meet you in Washington, but unfortunately won’t be able to make it.

    Thanks again!

  2. Shane Hudson says:

    Very nice! Yanik Silver is indeed a very very good person who has helped many of us!

  3. Seriously, I wasn’t aware of Yanik Silver before I knew you, Michael. It appears to me that he has made a name for himself enriching the life of so many young entrepreneurs like you. I wish I had the same mentor in my local when I first started…..


  4. Cash Matrix says:

    Thanks Yanik Silver, useful information indeed!

  5. At least you got someone that showing you way at 17 years old. Only if I got person like Yanik showing me how to blog at your age…

  6. Get rich by enriching others is a great motto to go with.

    His tips are great because whatever I do now, I look at it and say, how can I improve (if I owned it).

    This site is great because it is such a tremendous resource for young guys and even somewhat young guys like myself, at 23.

    Keep it up, I will definitely look into this online seminar.

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