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10 Blog Writing Tips to Impress Your Readers

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Imagine! There are more than 100 million blogs on the internet with a new blog comes online every 1.4 seconds. In such a competitive world of blogging, how do you ensure you stand tall among the crowd? What do you do to impress your readers? You see, blogging isn’t all about writing content. Though content is essential, the delivery of the content is very much the deal breaker.

Here are 10 blog writing tips to help you deliver your content and impress your readers.

1. No Passion, No Writing

Don’t ever think of writing a topic unless you are passionate about it. When the element of passion does exist, your writing will shine with enthusiasm.

In much the same way, passionless writing bores your readers who will vanish in a click.

2. Write for a Reason

Do you exactly know what you are writing for?

Passion and purpose are essentially the prerequisites for any success in whatever you do. Blogging is not an exception.

You need a compelling reason to help you stay on purpose and keep you longer in the game.

I started Retire At 21 with a single purpose – that is to help and inspire like-minded young people to succeed online.

What’s yours?

3. Write with Readers in Mind

Your readers are the very reason why you write in the first place. The rule of “What’s In It for Them” does apply here.

Write from your heart and write for your readers. The best content in the world won’t do you any good if you fail to fill the need of your readers.

4. Write Headline with a “Bang”

This is probably the most important element that could either make or break it your content. Don’t be generic. Write with a ‘Bang’.

Whether you like it or not, you readers have distinctively short attention span. They quickly filter what they want to see and bypass what they don’t.

Suffice to say, if you fail to impress your readers with catchy attention-grabbing headline, they are far less likely to read further.

5. Keep It Sweet and Simple

The rule of copywriting hasn’t changed much really. Simple words are more easily understood. Simple words communicate your thoughts better. The simpler it is, the better.

The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak – Hans Hoffman

Better still, write like you talk. You see, writing like you talk adds more personal touch. Go figure it out yourself, will you?

6. Proofreading

No one is expecting you to be a perfect copywriter. Grammatical and typo errors are inevitable part of blogging. Even in the best of times, we make unforced errors.

What’s more important is being attentive to the details. Whether you proofread your copy does says a lot about you as a blogger.

How would you like others to see you?

7. Don’t Plagiarize

Plagiarism is frowned upon as an act of stealing. If you are using someone else’s content, make sure you give credit when credit is due.

Trust me, when you give credit to the original source of the content, you are seen upon as a credible blogger and you gain the respect of your readers.

Remember don’t lose your credibility by taking the easy route of plagiarism.

8. Link Out Often

What goes around comes around. Not only linking out to other bloggers gets you noticed thus builds relationship, more importantly, you are providing additional resources in the best interest of your readers.
Don’t underestimate the power of reciprocity. Be generous. As they always say, “giving is receiving”.

9. Read More, Write Well

Reading stimulates fresh ideas. It gives you a different perspective of what you’ve already known and each differing perspective ensures that you are never short of writing materials.

So the next time you are having a writer’s block, go read what others are writing and find your own personal voice.

Stephan King once said,

“If you don’t have the time to read, you don’t have the time or the tools to write”

10. Ask Question, It’s Polite

This is perhaps the simplest yet overlooked aspect of copywriting. Asking question at the end of your article helps stimulate more comments.

It’s the polite way of engaging your readers to take part in the discussion. Readers love lively discussion. The comments you have, the more likely others will participate and add more value to your article itself.

In Closing

Be truthful with yourself. Before you hit the ‘publish’ button, read the preview and ask yourself, “does it impress me?”.

Usually, a sure sign that you have written an impressive copy is when you are overly excited to let the world see it and optimistically wait for the comments to flow in.

And once you are able to deliver impressive copy consistently, you will then be able to lift your blog out of the ocean of blog mediocrity.

Now let’s hear it from you. What have you done to impress your readers?


  1. Very good pointers, I’ll be sure to use them when/if the time comes that I need help making good content great… 😛

  2. Love it! From the photo (which made me laugh) to the last point. What I do to impress my readers? Uhmm, I make them laugh while providing with life-altering advice. Lol, how’s that for impressive.

  3. Great pointers.

    I think the basics should be writing with passion and purpose.

  4. I was a little surprised how important the headline was to catch the reader’s attention. Of course, the content needs to be strong, but you have to get them in the door before they realize it.

  5. kajal sri says:

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