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10 Reasons why being a Young Entrepreneur Rocks

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Entrepreneurship is a key economic driver. Wealth and a high majority of jobs are created by small businesses started by entrepreneurially minded individuals, many of whom go on to create big businesses.

Today, a large number of small businesses are being started by young entrepreneurs under the age of 30.

Being Young and In Business Is Great

Press – Being young and successful will always be an interest to people. Take for example Carl Ocab, his website is one of many in the making money online niche but because he has been making money online since he was 13, he has people blogging and talking about him almost every day. The same can be said about RetireAt21.com. I find it quite easy to create link bait with interviews, lists and blog posts. However, if I was to do similar posts about middle aged entrepreneurs, I wouldn’t have anywhere near the success as I currently do.

Energy to Work – “The biggest challenge for a blogger is finding the energy to keep going – luckily, young people have plenty of that.” Pete Cashmore

Money – The best thing about being young and running a business, everything you earn you can put back into your business. Some of the youngest online entrepreneurs still live at home and pay little or no rent, and also do not have large expences for food, cars etc…

Time – Your young, you got no responsibilities, no 9-5 job, no kids to look after, get out there and become rich!

Opportunities – A lot of large companies today want to know what teenagers want. You are a teenager and you know what you want – get out there and make a name for yourself, maybe even end up consulting for these larger companies.

Support – There is a lot of support out there for young entrepreneurs, such as; Young Enterprise, Young Presidents’ Organization and The Prince’s Trust in the UK

Financial Freedom – While all your friends are earning $5 an hour at their local super market, you’re earning $50 an hour while you sleep. You have the financial freedom to do what you want, when you want

Parents – If its all goes wrong, your still young and can fall back onto your parents till you get yourself up and running again. (Maybe?)

Internet – We are the internet generation, when our parents were young they didn’t have the opportunities we had. Starting a business online is 10x easier and more profitable then starting a business offline.

Fun – We often run our business’s at such a young age because we find it fun, we are working for ourselves, no responsibilities or boss.

Looking for inspiring stories from successful young entrepreneurs? Make sure to check out our interviews with fellow young entrepreneurs, such as the Founder and CEO of DigitalMarketer Ryan Deiss.


  1. Yep, being a young entrepreneur does indeed have its pros and cons.

  2. dean hunt says:

    Great blog post. I am almost 26, so not sure if I am still qualify for all of the above, but I agree with the list, great work.


  3. MountedWeb says:

    Business is a game to start with. Its better than Counter Strike.

  4. Being a young entrepreneur kicks ass. Most if not all the things above apply.

    @ Dean, don’t think the word young applies to you… you’re old in our terms man 😛

  5. @ MW, nothing is better than Counter Strike 😮 😛

  6. dean hunt says:

    Jason – You are probably right 🙁

    Ah well. Can someone create a site for people in their mid-twenties?


  7. Dean – What about mid thirties? I thought I was still young!

  8. Wow nice article, really helpfull

  9. Very inspiring posts for the youngsters that are hesitating to start off online.

  10. Travis says:

    This is excellent. Thanks for posting this guys!

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