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10 Successful Traits of Young Entrepreneursᅠ

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Successful young entrepreneurs have various skills and accommodations that help them to succeed in everyday life. However, no matter what your trade or preferred market, all great entrepreneurs have a few things in common.

Successful young entrepreneurs have 10 essential traits that elevate them above the rest of the internet enthusiasts.


You can’t build something without knowing how it works. Being a successful entrepreneur means knowing how to learn new systems and work with new ideas. An entrepreneur needs to be able to look at something and say “I know how that works” and then step to it!

Great entrepreneurs, like engineers, build sites to solve problems. Successful young entrepreneurs build websites that give users a solution to a recurring problem that they might have, whether it’s building a great blogging platform or connecting with friends over the internet. Being able to assess the situation is step one on the road to greatness.ᅠ


No project succeeds without a little creativity. People quickly tire of commodities, and if you don’t create something new and interesting, you will get left behind. Putting a bit of yourself and your personality into your products is what will have people begging for more.


Productivity is not just being able to get things done within a set amount of time. Productivity is the ability to produce something that will move your business forward. Whether it’s writing a blog post, creating an online application, or producing an extremely comfortable t-shirt, productivity is a key skill to becoming a successful entrepreneur. Without a product, and the ability to continue to take steps forward you cannot make it as a successful entrepreneur.


Good things come to those who wait. Knowing how to let things sit and cultivate while focusing on varying tasks is an important part of becoming a successful young entrepreneur. Too many enthusiasts end up giving up too soon because of impatience. Learning to sit back and relax is a skill that will lead you to online success.


People buy from those who persuade them. To be a great entrepreneur, you need to know how to talk to various types of people from customers to potential partners to network officials. Networking is an invaluable skill that will lead you to online success if you can make the right connections.


Things take time to grow, and that includes businesses. Very few people will produce mass amounts of profit within just weeks or even months. Great entrepreneurs know how to balance time and capitol to keep a project with great potential growing until it can sustain itself. Far too many aspiring entrepreneurs put in the hours it takes to make a project grow, and persistence is key to getting what you want.


Sometimes the products you have need to be modified, or you come into possession of a product that could be fantastic, with just a few changes. Entrepreneurs not only create, but innovate. If you see that a particular method could be made more efficient, or more stylish, why not take the time to create your own and market a better solution?

Learning how to overcome the common obstacle will put you in an aggressive position when it comes to being prominent in your market.


You have to spend money to make money, but you should never spend more than you earn. Learning how to invest wisely and save up your money will put you on the fast track to becoming not just a part-time entrepreneur, but a full time internet mogul.

Investing in the right equipment to grow your business while maintaining a steady profit will quickly have you generating not revenue, but profit!


It’s nearly impossible to succeed without people to help you. Nobody can do everything on their own, and being friendly and helpful is one of the most important traits for a young entrepreneur to have. Without the ability to network and work with people, you won’t be able to develop the connections that you need to get the places you want to go. Remember that humility is a virtue, and connecting with people is a skill that lasts for your entire career.


Projects fail. No matter how many times you may try to work with a particular idea, it may simply be self destructive. Many young entrepreneurs get upset when their first idea does not instantly begin making them millions of dollars, or even if the project never really gets off the ground. While some ideas will be a big success, a major part of becoming a big bad entrepreneur is luck, and some projects are jinxed.

All entrepreneurs are different, but all of them possess these necessary traits to get started on making their dreams come true.


  1. @MattWilsontv says:

    Of all the things on here I think friendly is one that is often overlooked. People talk about networking but they don’t talk abut being yourself and making friends… I’m a firm believer that what comes around goes around… there are plenty of “good networkers” who nobody actually likes.

  2. This is a great insight and great post. I still, however, need to work on a few of these traits! Very informative and interesting, thanks.

  3. Chris Brooks says:

    Great list very informative! To go along with several of the points I would recommend having a strong group of mentors, a solid business plan and never stop asking questions especially in terms of customer service.

  4. Creative Writing Tips says:

    This is a great list of traits that you need to focus on when pushing to become a success. It’s important to be innovative and to come up with the solutions that no one else has done. Simply mimicking the competition will make you easily overlookd and will never help you differentiate in the marketplace.

  5. Bleach Episodes says:

    I would say this is SPOT ON. One that probably should have gone more into detail is the persistance.. Many people who are young entrepreneurs expect to hit the nail on the head the first time, which usually doesnt happen. The key to becomming successful is that you never stop and you keep doing what your doing UNTIL you get that 1 golden then that makes you meet your goals.

  6. Josh Hurlock http://twitter.com/JoshHurlock says:

    Thanks for the post. One to add is a vision. Entrepreneurs need to have some idea of where they want to go. The business plan goes along with this, but a business plan can be altered. A vision is always the ultimate goal which keeps the ambition and determination flowing.

  7. marc lohan says:

    Really very good and successful traits of young entrepreneurs.All the traits are useful to make a successful entrepreneurs.i like this post.great job dear.

  8. John (Human3rror) says:

    great list!

  9. I love the notion of Fearless. So many products fail and it’s great to include the attribute of “willing to face failure.” You’re not going to be a success from day one and if someone’s not willing to ride the waves, they’ll never make it big.

  10. Agent 001 says:

    What a list. By seeing this list I can say I am not yet an Entrepreneur.

    I have to improve.

  11. Sulumits Retsambew says:

    Thanks for these ten tips

  12. As the saying goes…if you haven’t failed, you haven’t tried hard enough. Failure is part of business which is just indication that something has to be changed. Great list!

  13. Web Design says:

    Nice and Very Informative List. It’s really True the Every Enterpreneurs has the different skill for Success. Thanks for Sharing Info.

  14. Used Tires says:

    I think having the patience is something really important, I will go on to use a different word that has not be used, “confidence” having the confidence to believe in what it is your are doing.

    Till then,


  15. Free Movies says:

    yes i agree with you.These 10 thing should be follow by a good and successful entrepreneurs.i appreciated from it.

  16. Used Car Loans says:

    Throughout the history of life, what evolutionary traits do the most successful species have in common with each other?

  17. Handmade jewellery says:

    I’m co-founder of youngwealthweekly.com. I’ve heard of YoungEntrepreneur.com and several of the other most popular ones. Are there any other cool sites you guys know of that perhaps aren’t so popular yet? Any suggestions are appreciated.

  18. Legal Conveyance says:

    Ya definitely above all are so important for Successful Traits of Young Entrepreneurs but i think there could be more things to make it easy and fast but all above is prim and must for that.

  19. Current account says:

    Nice and Very Informative List. It’s really True the Every Enterpreneurs has the different skill for Success. Thanks for Sharing Info.

  20. Handmade jewellery says:

    Well, one of the best things to read is an autobiography of other entrepreneurs. Some you like or that is doing something close to what you want to do. It’s great inspiration.

  21. One thing this article failed to mention is that many young entrepreneurs just CAN’T work for other people. They may have all the traits mentioned here, but they have a problem with being told what to do and when to do it. I have a 20-something daughter that started a company 4 years ago (no college degree) and now has 40 people working for her up and down the West Coast. She barely got through high school (I had to home school her because she was so extremely bored). When she turned 18 she blew town and she went from job to job but failed to understand why she had to be at work BEFORE her start time and often showed up late. This was not due to a lack of parental teaching; she had to experience everything first-hand and digest it in order to accept it. There was a lot she just could not accept, it seemed. She got into (mild) trouble with teachers all through school, yet was able to pull decent grades – sometimes I think it was just to spite the teachers. She just didn’t march to the beat of everyone else’s drummer. Some of these people (like Mark Zuckerman) are square pegs that cannot fit into round holes…

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