Best PEO Companies In Idaho

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If you’re looking for the best Professional Employer Organization (PEO) in Idaho, it’s likely you’re overwhelmed with all of the available information. 

You could choose from dozens of PEO options, each with their own unique set of pros and cons. Weighing all of this information and cutting through the noise to arrive at a ‘short list’ of only the best PEOs is a task that could take weeks. 

To help, we’ve done the work for you! 

Among the best and brightest of all the PEOs that serve Idaho businesses, only three made our cut. These three outsourced HR providers exhibit the traits and have the proven track record you want when you’re entrusting your business to a long-term partner like a PEO. 

We’ve evaluated these companies based on: 

  1. Breadth of Service Offerings. In order for your Idaho business to thrive, it’s likely you’re going to need more than just basic payroll from your PEO. These three PEOs add value in multiple areas of operation, including recruiting, benefits administration, and more.

  2. Experience within Idaho. There’s value in doing business with a company that is already established in your area. These PEOs have proven experience working with companies based in Idaho.

  3. A proven history of compliance and adherence with Idaho state labor laws. There’s a lot to know about how to ‘play by the rules’ if you’re running a business in Idaho, whether you have two employees or two hundred. These PEOs understand employment regulations and provide HR services that are in-line with what Idaho requires.

  4. Competitive pricing. A PEO wouldn’t be much of an asset to you if it was too cost-prohibitive to work with. We have evaluated the cost schedules of these PEOs and determined that their pricing is fair for the services that are provided. 

Without further adieu, here are the top three PEO companies in Idaho. 

1. Zamp

Zamp HR makes comprehensive HR outsourcing as easy as possible without charging unreasonable fees to do so. Among the dozens of PEOs that serve Idaho businesses, Zamp HR takes the top spot on our list of the best three. 

We evaluated Zamp by looking at the offerings of other PEOs along with their fee schedule, history in business, and existing Idaho client base. 

What we found is that Zamp provides the highest value for small- and medium-sized businesses in any industry, in any city in Idaho. We also like the fact that they provide ‘a la carte’ HR services that can be customized to suit. 

2. Employers Resource

Employers Resource takes the number two spot on our top three list for two main reasons: this PEO aligns their HR services with your company goals, and they focus on building a long-term strategy with their clients. 

When you combine forward-thinking HR services with a professional PEO that ‘gets’ your business objectives and adjusts how they work with you accordingly, the result is sustainable success.

Employers Resource is an especially good fit for Idaho companies with less than 250 employees and those operating in highly regulated industries like finance or healthcare. 

3. Resource Management, Inc. 

Coming in at number three on our top three Idaho PEO list is Resource Management, Inc., a regional PEO with local appeal. 

With offices in Salt Lake City, Portland, St. George, Denver, and Seattle, this PEO can meet the need of small- to medium-sized companies wherever their business may take them. While RMI may not have the truly national presence of a larger PEO, they make up for it with a broad suite of outsourced HR offerings that make the grade. 

The services offered by Resource Management, Inc. include payroll processing, employee hiring and firing, succession planning, and more. 

At the End of the Day…Zamp is #1 for Idaho

It wasn’t easy to rank these Idaho PEOs, as they each have so much to offer. All three of them do a fantastic job of providing outstanding outsourced HR services that are effective and within budget. 

However, only Zamp stood out from the rest as the PEO with the highest value for Idaho small- and medium-sized business owners. Their service offerings are comprehensive, they charge reasonable fees, and they are capable of growing with your business. 

As with any other important business decision, be sure you thoroughly evaluate all of the credentials of any PEO you decide to partner with. Take the time to truly understand their experience working with companies in your industry, and never be afraid to ask for references. 

Lastly—is there an Idaho PEO you think we should have included here, but didn’t? Let us know which one and why; we’d love to get your feedback. 

Thanks for reading, and best of luck on your journey towards success with your Idaho business.