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Free Web Hosting With Unlimited Space And Bandwidth

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Hello Everyone,

Previously, [email protected] has interviewed Alex Melen, founder of T35 FREE Web Hosting.  It was quite an interesting interview, talking about how he started T35 web hosting and has become successful with over 600,000 free hosting customers and a few thousand paid hosting customers, spending only 3 to 4 hours a day to make sure things are running smoothly.

Today, I am going to review Alex’s T35 website, the actual website which sells web hosting services to its customers.  Unlike other web hosting companies’ websites, this website is very personalized with an introduction of their long establishment of being web hosts and their T35 Hosting community.

My first impression

My first impression of T35 is that it is providing free web hosting to its customers.  Seeing how long this website has claimed to be around (since 1997), it gives me mixed feelings of its establishment because the website presentation looks like one of the many resellers selling shared hostings that I have seen out there.  However, it is more personalized with an introduction of themselves right from the front page.


A typical web hosting company usually displays their products and services right at the front page, tagged with a starting price of x amount of dollars every month.  T35 is no exception to this, but they start by introducing themselves as the older and most established web hosts in the world!

Recognized and endorsed by well-known publications

There are quite a couple of awards that T35 has won over the years of hosting business.  They are as follows:

T35 are one of the first free web hosting providers, and the first to offer its members unlimited space and bandwidth until today.  They have evolved over the years, and their focus is to help their customers to succeed and establish their online presences.   It’s no wonder they continue to be ranked amongst the top 5000 web properties in the world.


Free web hosting plan for you

Giving you unlimted space, unlimtied bandwidth and a free sub-domain, T35 is allowing you to expand your web business for as big as you want with this package called “Free Hosting Package”.  The limitation is that you will have no MySQL database, no CGI, no email accounts, and a 1mb file size limit.  And your website must contain a footer text link “Hosted by T35”.  Good news is that you will have unlimited space and bandwidth.  Bad news to me is that the only uncomfortable limitation is with the file size limit.  That’s where your website will have limitation to store anything dynamically.  But given that you can store unlimited space compromised for limited file size, it’s still a pretty good deal because we will still want to limit our own file size to be less than 1mb so as to enable a smoother browsing from our web visitors.  And best of all, it’s free!

For better understanding, bandwidth is the limitation of the amount of information you are allowed to transfer.  Space or Disk Space means the amount of hard disk space you are allocated to store your files on the server.

Take a look at the demo account of the Free Web Hosting Control Panel.  It provides the usual option of uploading your files as soon as you log into the free account.

And if you take a closer look, they do provide “HTML templates” for you to choose from in 4 easy steps if you don’t have your website ready.  Once you are done, you will be able to edit your pages accordingly.

How about the paid hosting plans?

There are two packages namely “Personal Package” and “Business Package”.  The differences between the two packages are with their disk space and bandwidth.  “Personal Package” has 1GB of space and 20GB of bandwidth, whereas “Business Package” has 4GB of space and 80GB of bandwidth.  Typically, 1GB space is very good enough for your personal usage or for the usage of a small medium enterprises.  4GB space is used for those with heavy usage, hosting large files for certain purposes.

Of course the limitation of file size is lifted, you don’t have to show the link “Hosted by T35”, and you will have unlimited usage to MySQL databases, email accounts, FTP accounts, and you get to use Ruby on Rails.  On top of that, there’s a $25 Yahoo Search Marketing credit for you to use too.  Sounds a good deal!

No screenshots are provided for their paid hosting plan.  But they are using CPanel to administer their many domains and hosting of websites.  CPanel is a very friendly control panel, widely used by many web hosting companies selling shared hosting plans.

By the way, shared hosting is a service provided by hosting companies to allow many websites accomodate within a server.  Thus, serving several customers in a single server at a very affordable price.  In fact, many websites and blogs are using shared hosting plans.


Free web hosting business has been around for many years.  They encouraged many people to start their own website without incuring any cost of hosting the pages.  Customers merely show advertisements on their websites so as to maintain their accounts with the web hosting companies.  It’s a win-win situation for sure.  Giving away free things definitely provide brand awareness very quickly, and paid customers will eventually show up if the support service is good.

Find out more from T35 about providing you with free web hosting with unlimited space and bandwidth today!

To our success,

Charles Lau,

PS. What is your top tip for T35.com?


  1. Nice one. Might give it a try. Haven’t been extremely happy with Host Gator. 🙁

  2. Dale MacInnis says:

    Very helpful. Thanks!

    Any opinions about ning or kickapps for social networking software? I have a small and very local network I’m developing for musicians who are co-creating music (need to interact with audio and video files, chat, blog – just basic stuff) and for their fans. Might be 60 musicians involved and 600 fans.

  3. Sounds like a good company. Though no provider really gives unlimited space and bandwidth. It’s would cost them too much. Think HuffPost would get that deal 🙂

  4. Best CSS Gallery says:

    Great review, thanks. It sounds like a good host, though I’m sceptic about everything unlimited 🙂

  5. Make Money From Home says:

    Free is a tough price to beat. Thanks for letting us now about it.

  6. Creative Writing Tips says:

    Genarro, they often have no problem giving you unlimited space and bandwidth. The way they cap you is by limiting your CPU usage which ultimately helps to curb your bandwidth/space usage. Unless you’re doing something which violates their TOS, in which case, you will get in trouble for that :).

    I’ve never really known much about the free hosting services but this seems like a pretty solid one. An interesting business model for sure.

  7. Charles Lau says:

    Thanks guys for your comments. It’s great to know about the way how a business model can operate through “free” marketing.

    I didn’t know that they can also use CPU usage limitation instead of limiting the bandwidth. It sounds logical since the limitation of the CPU not only means a better health status of the server, but also “limits” the bandwidth by stopping you from using it.


  8. T35 Hosting allows only 1 mb files to be uplaoded…. and i think for this reason this is hoting is not good!

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