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Interview With Donny Ouyang of Kinkarso

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Donny Ouyang, a 16 year old CEO who reveals how he is earning over $6,500 a month! He talks about how he earns 3 times as much as the average adult, got a $25,000 loan from the bank and the future for his business!

Interview With Donny Ouyang of Kinkarso

First off – can we have a little background information – Where do you live? How old you are? What motivates you? Inspires you?

Well, I am a high school student here in Richmond (Vancouver), Canada. I actually just turned 16 like 2 days ago on the 22nd. I started developing websites when I was around 12, and after earning my first $200 online, I knew exactly what I wanted to do.

What really keeps me moving forward is the extreme desire to be different than my peers. I have no intention of living an average, normal life. Instead, I have high expectations of myself. Establishing a strong business online is just the first step in the ladder of my life. The fact that I CAN be more than I am motivates me and pushes me towards my goals.

1. Tell us about Kinkarso. What is the thinking behind this business?

Back in 2006, I noticed how many different websites I had, and eventually decided to organize them all under the ‘Kinkarso.com Network’. A year later, I decided to take another leap forward and registered it as an official corporation/company, thus forming Kinkarso Tech LTD.

Currently, Kinkarso Tech is simply a network of service-based websites of various topics and subjects. For example, BattleForums.com is a gaming community based around the three major Blizzard games, while another website of mine, LiveTV.ws, focuses on providing live Internet TV channels from around the world. Kinkarso Tech is currently responsible for 7 public websites and 2 private projects that are currently under construction.

2. Your bank decided to invest $25,000 into one of your internet businesses. This is quite unusual, especially for one so young. How did you manage to do this? Do you have any advice for other young entrepreneurs about this?

It’s actually quite an interesting story. Back in November of 2007, I was looking for funding for one of my active projects. After having no luck with any of my online contacts, I decided to see if I could find funding elsewhere. I whipped up a business proposal and went to a Royal Bank local branch with my dad to see if I could get some capital. They had a look, loved what they saw, and decided to go ahead and give me the investment loan.

Of course, I wasn’t legal age to have something like this assigned under my name. My dad was generous enough to have the loan listed under his company’s name, and that’s how it all worked. It went a lot smoother than I had imagined.

If you would like to get your hands on the business proposal that I sent out to my bank, I am actually offering it as a free download on the DigitalThrone.com website in exchange for your email address (sorry, shameless plug but its true). Even though you may go in and find the wrong reaction, as long as you have significant proof that your potential project has already shown the right results, you will be able to get the better end of the stick.

3. You earn over $6,500 a month online, what does a [16] year old spend that amount of money on?

Clothes, shoes, gadgets, food, the list goes on and on. I’m saving up for a car. Finally legal age to drive!

4. If you could go back in a time machine to the time when you were just getting started. What business related advice would you give yourself?

It’s funny that you actually asked that question. Here’s an exert from my book: “Instead of spending all the income on beanie babies and Pokémon cards, re-invest it back into the overall project!”

Honestly, I have been nothing but wasteful for the earlier years of my webmaster career. Whatever I earn online, I would instantly spend on useless things. I even bought a $250 laser pointer for Pete’s sake. If I could go back in time to when I was just starting out, I would have definitely told myself probably the most important part of being an entrepreneur; always build upon your successes.

5. Do you think that entrepreneurialism is something that is in your blood? Or is it something that can be learned?

I believe that anyone, anywhere, in any situation is able to do what I do. There is no special ’skill’ involved, as long as you are willing to take the risk to put your best foot forward. Everything else comes with time.

Many people believe they have to be gifted in order to earn any money online. I have to disagree. Personally, I started studying HTML simply because I wanted to hack Neopets 4 years ago. Once I found the passion, there was no stopping me. I believe that we all have potential to do great things. We just need a little boost to get us started in the right direction.

6. Is there anyone that you look up to and model yourself on? (You can name more than one)

There are many people that I constantly look up to for inspiration. I guess I just take bits and pieces of people to build different parts of my character. Michael Jordan has always inspired me to continue moving forward when I feel like quitting. Lee Dodd has always inspired me to keep a list of priorities in the correct order.

I was lucky enough to find a couple of very helpful mentors, who have helped me along the way. Justin, John, Michael, Sanjay, and Mike, just to name a few.

7. Do you have any favourite business related or personal development related books that you can recommend to other young entrepreneurs?

I would obviously recommend my own book, the DigitalThrone, to be an excellent read for any webmaster at any level. Probably the only other affordable digital product that I would recommend, would be Dennis Becker’s 5BucksaDay ebook.

8. What is the best advice you have ever been given?

“Under Promise and Over Deliver”. I never did get how significant this is until I realized its effect. This stresses the importance of customer satisfaction. After all, who is easier to earn from; a new visitor, or someone who has already bought your stuff?

9. What advice would you give to a Young Entrepreneur setting up their first business?

Every time this question is asked, there seems to always be the same answer. However, no one seems to follow the advice given by people who HAS found success. Maybe its not ’sexy’ or ‘cool’, but it is what works. Focus on a single project, and don’t do anything until you are finished with that particular project. It’s the bare basics. Half done of anything is not done. There is no middle ground. The first step to success is to get things done!

10. How is the DigitalThrone different from all the other make-money ebooks floating around on the Internet?

The DigitalThrone ebook was written so that users may know the truth behind earning money through the Internet. Instead of the traditional how-to guide to success, the DigitalThrone is written in the perspective of an entrepreneur who has seen the power of the Internet through the eyes of a 16 year old kid in a new generation. I reach out to my readers through case studies of my own successful and unsuccessful projects, so they may know exactly how I created my profitable businesses online. The DigitalThrone was created to show people what works, what doesn’t, and why.

Here’s an exert from my sales letter: “After spending 12 of my 15 years in school, I can safely say that all text books are good for is being a hard pillow to fall on when I’m up at 2am trying to get biology terms into my brain. That is why the DigitalThrone ebook is not a ‘guide to success’, but a story book of what I went through to accomplish my online fortune.”

11. If the Internet had not existed – what do you think you would be doing 5 years from now?

I have always wanted to be a taxi driver when I was little. And not just normal cars either. No, I wanted to be a mini-van taxi driver!

12. What do you like best about the Internet?

I believe that we are very advantages to be able to cease the power of the Internet to communicate with our prospects through so many mediums. Video, text, audio, graphics. It’s just so easy to communicate through the Internet today.

13. What do you like least about the Internet?

There really isn’t anything that I don’t like about the Internet. It’s just that with so many talented web entrepreneurs out there today, the Internet is becoming easier and better to use on a daily basis. The Internet is definitely the future.

14. Have you any plans (personal or business) that you can share with us about your future plans / goals / lifetime goals?

Just recently, I received some publicity in my local newspaper for a new ebook that I wrote on my experiences as a web entrepreneur. I also have an interview lined up with CEO TV, which airs nationally across Canada. I believe that this is the first real step for me.

For the past 6 months, I have been working on an unique project that will hopefully revolutionize the education industry. This is the project I will be working on for quite some time into the future. I actually have a meeting set up with an angel investor this weekend, where I will be sharing my project idea over lunch, in hope of obtaining the necessary capital to really get this thing going. I’m hoping that this will be the project that will launch my Internet ‘career’ to the next level.

Thank you Donny – Top Advice, we appreciate it.


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