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21 Tips to Make You a Successful 21st Century Entrepreneur

Today’s guest post is by long time [email protected] reader Jack Dawson of RemoteDBA. Jack is a web developer and UI/UX…
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10 Billion Dollar Companies that Didn’t Start with Business Plans

I'd like to put an end to the myth that you need a business plan if you want to succeed…
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10 Ways to Instantly Improve Customer Support

Customer support can make or break any business; so it’s always best to go above and beyond the call of…
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10 To Do List Managers For Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurial life can be busy, to say the least. Effective business owners know the importance of detailed scheduling, yet often…
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6 Ways To Maximize Your Online Business Valuation

Everyone wants to get the most amount of money and sell their business in the fastest possible time frame when…
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Eliminate These 6 Distractions To Supercharge Productivity

STOP. Take your hand off your mouse. Take your fingers off the keyboard. Pause the music in the background. Allow…
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7 Common Mistakes Young Entrepreneurs Make and How To Avoid Them

In today’s tough economic times, it is a good idea to start a business and become your own boss instead…
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17 Evolutions of Your Favorite Logos

Have you ever wondered how graphic designers created logos before the computer? And how they must’ve drawn them, shipped them,…
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